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Defining Spaces: Creating a Gallery Wall

I have always felt that great design has to be a personal effort. Whenever I meet with a client and we begin a design plan, I always request that we find personal items we can integrate into the design. Not only do these items make the space less sterile, but they give the homeowner a sense of comfort. Spaces with a personal touch also are a great way to create a conversation when guests are visiting.

Recently I had the pleasure of helping my client Kathryn pull some of her existing items together to create a gallery wall on a large blank space in her great room. Sometimes a brand new home can be daunting. You have a ton of wall space to fill! When I arrived, Kathryn had done her home work and pulled out a lot of items she loved from her previous home. Now, the fun begins!


We spent a couple hours playing with photos, mementos, wall letters, large antique printing trays filled with seashells she collected over time. On the floor, we laid out the design and then transferred it to the wall piece by piece. When we were finished, a completely new look had been obtained! It completely transformed the space from a blank slate to a wall belonging their family. Success!!


Here are a few tips for creating your own gallery wall:

  • Pull pieces of all sizes, textures and shapes. Don't be afraid to mix and match - quirky is key!

  • Mix family photos, places of interest, wall letters, vintage signs - be creative!

  • Lay out your gallery on a table or floor before you begin to hang your items on the wall. Try to keep the spacing within 2" of each other.

  • Choose a space that will be viewed by all - a large hallway, family room space or dining room wall is ideal.

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