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Industrial Design: Adding unique elements on a budget

Industrial design. It's all the rage right now. Edison bulbs, a mix of steel and wood. I have to admit, I really love adding these elements to any decor - but a simple light fixture can go for upwards of $350 or more. Luckily, most affordable home decor companies are now adding industrial elements to their product lines. Here are a few comparisons from high-end vs. budget friendly options to make your space uber industrial!

Industrial Stools

Rejuvenation Industrial Stool - $395.00 vs. Target Dakota Adjustable Stool - $79.99


Barn Light Electric Maven Chandelier - $670.00 vs. West Elm Industrial Chandelier - $249.00


Restoration Hardware Factory Cart - $995.00 vs. World Market Henry Coffee Table $349.00

Want to add Industrial Elements to your existing design, but don't know where to start? Just send me a photo of your room and I'm happy to help you!

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