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The Evolution of the (Indoor) Outdoor Rug

It's amazing how once you have kids your complete outlook on decorating changes. Love that china vase you saw online but are afraid that your now climbing toddler will be able to reach it and down it comes off the shelf? Do you want to have a beautiful living room, but are afraid that baby food, markers and the all too frequent spill will ruin it all? Well, fear not! Today, some of the most beautiful rooms you see on Pinterest have performance fabric slipcovers and indoor/outdoor area rugs on the floors.

Indoor/Outdoor rugs have come a long way. As a child, all I remember was that green astroturf looking stuff. But now you can have a beautiful, washable, scrubbable and even hose able rug in your home without sacrificing aesthetics.

Most of these rugs are made of synthetic materials like polyester, polypropylene, and olefin. These fibers have a soft hand (or foot!) and can compliment any room. Not only are these rugs family/pet friendly and durable, but they also cost much less than most natural fiber rugs made of wool, jute or sisal. A typical 9 x 12 will run you under $500. Most all major rug and home decor manufacturers carry these rugs now, but the stores who carry my favorites are: Ballard Designs (, Home Decorators Collection ( and Dash & Albert ( And, don't worry.....I won't tell anyone what's on your floor!

Please enjoy a few of my favorite examples:

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